IronCAD Announces 2024 Product Update 1 Featuring AI Integrated Chatbot and Improved Capabilities for an Enhanced Design Experience

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(ATLANTA, Ga.) April 25th, 2024 – IronCAD, a leader in CAD solutions for design productivity and collaboration, is excited to announce the first product update of 2024 for its flagship CAD software. IronCAD 2024 Product Update 1 (PU1) brings significant enhancements and product quality improvements across general modeling, sheet metal design, and collaboration capabilities, designed to accelerate the design process and improve user flexibility in a multitude of engineering environments. In addition, IronCAD is excited to announce the launch of the IronCAD AI Chatbot, a revolutionary new feature designed to enhance user experience and proficiency with IronCAD software. This cutting-edge tool, powered by the latest ChatGPT 4 AI system and backed by an extensive IronCAD database, offers users comprehensive guidance, enhanced learning, and new user guidance on IronCAD’s unique design approach.

The IronCAD AI Chatbot provides instant, personalized assistance directly within the IronCAD interface, offering tips, best practices, and tailored support for all IronCAD-related queries. Accessible through the Help Ribbon Bar or the AI icon, the Chatbot is set to become an indispensable resource for new and seasoned users.

Initially available to select partners and customers, the IronCAD AI Chatbot will be fully launched to all users later this year. Once released, the Chatbot will be offered free of charge for a limited time, with future license options based on usage to accommodate company needs.

Innovations for Enhanced Design Flexibility and Productivity

Known for its user-centric design and flexibility, IronCAD continues to push the boundaries of mechanical CAD software (MCAD) by providing solutions that are both innovative and intuitive. This latest update introduces several key enhancements and quality improvements that empower users to achieve greater creativity and efficiency.

Key features of this update include:

  • Advanced General Modeling Tools: Enhanced feature-level linking capabilities allow users to create links from feature selections on parts and offers quick creation of links on drop from the IronCAD catalogs streamlining the creation process. The introduction of lock mechanisms for parts and assemblies is designed to prevent unintended alterations, securing the design data in its current state and safeguarding against unauthorized edits.
  • Sheet Metal Design Enhancements: IronCAD 2024 PU1 improves the drag-and-drop behaviors for the sheet metal stock thickness selection process and introduces new bend line styles and layer support for up and down bend lines, enabling more precise detailing of sheet metal parts for manufacturing.
  • Advanced Sketching Options: New sketching options, such as the ability to hide unedited parts and display hidden sketch items as dashed lines when obscured by geometry, provide a cleaner, more intuitive sketching environment.
  • Structured Parts Enhancements: The update introduces new tools for structured parts, including decimal precision settings for BOM properties on structured frame members and an option to exclude hidden bodies from BOM, ensuring more accurate and tailored documentation.
  • Expanded Collaboration Features and Integration Enhancements: IronCAD 2024 PU1 expands its support for KeyShot 2024 and enhances the IronCAD Native Translator capabilities for the latest file types, including CATIA, SolidWorks, and its Architectural and Viewing Translator Plus for the latest BIM formats, IFC and Revit, streamline cross-platform collaboration and ease the integration of IronCAD into diverse workflows.
  • Customer Driven Quality Improvements: In IronCAD 2024 PU1, we’ve prioritized customer-driven quality improvements based on feedback from our community. Stability, reliability, and performance quality improvement further enhance the overall experience. IronCAD remains committed to excellence, continually evolving to meet the needs of our users.

IronCAD’s Product Update 1 is tailored to empower users to unleash their creativity through cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design tools, and enhanced flexibility in design. The update enhances IronCAD’s already powerful tools, providing the flexibility to create, modify, and manage complex designs more efficiently than ever.

“At IronCAD, we’re dedicated to making CAD as intuitive and versatile as possible,” said Cary O’Connor, Vice President of Marketing at IronCAD. “These enhancements are driven by feedback from our community and our deep understanding of the challenges our users face. We continually strive to develop solutions that not only meet but exceed their needs, and our latest update is a testament to IronCAD’s commitment to this mission, offering tools that are not only powerful but also intuitive, ensuring that engineers and designers can achieve their best work with ease and precision. And now, with the introduction of the IronCAD AI Chatbot, we’re taking another leap forward in providing innovative solutions to our users that enhance user experiences and provide a foundation for future groundbreaking developments,” he added.

IronCAD 2024 Product Update 1 is available for immediate download for all current IronCAD users. New users are invited to explore IronCAD’s diverse capabilities through a free trial on the IronCAD website.

For detailed information on all the new capabilities and enhancements included in the IronCAD 2024 Product Update #1, please visit IronCAD’s website or your local IronCAD distributor.


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