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A Short Introduction to the World of CAD



You’ve seen the word. Heard it. Maybe even dabbled in it.


But what is Computer-Aided Design (otherwise known as CAD)?


According to, “CAD (computer-aided design) software is used by architects, engineers, drafters, artists, and others to create precision drawings or technical illustrations.”


In other words, CAD is a software tool for the technologically creative.


Whether you’re a manufacturing enthusiast or a circuit board maker, there’s a reason why CAD is the design solution for manufacturers, engineers, and designers.


In short? CAD is capable of taking 3D visions and bringing them to life. And contrary to outdated rumors, even beginners can get in on the fun.


Especially students.


A Merging of Two Worlds: Students and IronCAD


Since 1998, IronCAD has been dedicated to working with engineering students and instructors to introduce and deepen the exploration into the world of 3D design. With educational programs and licenses designed to help both novices and experts interested in mechanical design, we are proud to have been part of the growing experience for the next level of CAD superstars.


And now we’re honored to add another educational tool to our arsenal.


Introducing IronCAD’s new FREE Student Licenses.


With all the functionality of our commercial IronCAD license (with a few exceptions*), students with a valid ID** may now obtain a no-charge version of IronCAD’s latest software, fully-equipped with “easy-to-master” drag-and-drop capability, 2D Drafting, our extensive design extension suite and fast visual rendering suitable for any assortment of educational work or project.


It’s our gift to students who want to make the most out of CAD. Whether you are a new CAD starter or a savant, our student license is now yours to explore.


And since every student using IronCAD is a VIP, we want to roll out the red carpet and make sure your CAD experience for 2019 is better than ever.


Claim your Free IronCAD Student License now


*: Current student licenses contain IronCAD watermarks on production drawings. Data created and saved within a Student IronCAD license may only be opened within the student version.

**: Student licenses are valid for one (1) year. Eligible students may reapply for a student license renewal upon expiration of the initial annual term.