KeyShot 10 for IronCAD 2021

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Keyshot 10 for IronCAD 2021

We’re very excited to announce today, that the latest IronCAD 2021 release fully supports the recent KeyShot 10 version with powerful digital creation tools that allow you to take product experiences to new heights. KeyShot 10 for IronCAD 2021 helps engineers, designers, and even sales teams to configure products to create highly realistic visuals for communication and presentations.

As part of IronCAD’s Design Extensions, KeyShot 10 gives you the ability to take product experiences to new heights, with more ways to animate your ideas, experience your creations, and supercharge your workflow to deliver visuals that captivate. KeyShot 10 includes features and improvements that are focused on four specific areas – model and environment, workflow and user interface, materials and rendering, export and integration. KeyShot 10 introduces an array of enhanced capabilities to complement their current workflow with new tools to strengthen the 3D visual creation within these four areas:

Awe-Inspiring Motion

Animate Your Ideas


Keyshot 10 for IronCAD 2021_1

KeyShot 10 introduces new animation capabilities that offer a wider array of part, environments, and camera animations. Image: KeyShot

KeyShot 10 brings you more motion for every idea with increased control to create more advanced visuals and industry-leading ease of use to keep you moving.

  • Keyframe Animation
  • Sun & Sky Day Arc Animation
  • Environment Rotation Animation
  • Twist Camera Animation

Visual Reality

Experience Your Creations

Keyshot 10 for IronCAD 2021_2

KeyShot 10 export options include 3MF output for full-color 3D prints as well as USD, USDz, GLB, and glTF for 3D model viewing and interaction on web, mobile, and in AR/VR applications. Image: KeyShot

You now have more ways to experience your visuals with the new Smart Export that introduces output for full-color 3D prints, VR interaction, and more.

  • 3MF Export
  • USD Export
  • GLB/glTF Export
  • FBX Import

Creative Capability

Supercharge Your Workflow


Keyshot 10 for IronCAD 2021_3

The new KeyShot 10 Light Manager allows control of all lighting from one location. Image: KeyShot

The right tool, for the right job. Open up KeyShot 10 and you’ll find new and improved tools to manage lighting and move ideas faster than ever before.

  • Light Manager
  • Light Gizmos
  • Move Tool
  • Solo Mode

Unmatched Realism

Deliver Visuals That Captivate

Keyshot 10 for IronCAD 2021_4

KeyShot 10 improves RealCloth 2.0 with its new 3D Ply capability for more realistic woven and knit fabrics. Image: KeyShot

There’s photo-real and then there’s KeyShot. New updates to KeyShot exclusive material capabilities bring a level of realism that turns heads.

  • RealCloth™ 2.0
  • Firefly Removal
  • Caustics Improvements
  • Toon Material Improvements
  • Denoiser Improvements


Keyshot 10 for IronCAD 2021_5Each of these key areas are tied together in the mission of accelerating the visual creation process to fuel the next generation of visualization, allowing 3D professionals around the world to take product experiences to new heights. KeyShot 10 builds on Luxion’s advancements in rendering technology introduced over the years to continue innovation in material creation, accurate lighting representation, and streamlining of the complete product visualization workflow.

In the end, our goal is to strengthen the foundation of visualization for designers, engineers, and 3D professionals around the world. A thorough overview of all new feature highlights is available here.


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