2024 Service Pack #1

Feb 14, 2024

As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements to our products, we have officially released our Service Pack #1 to IronCAD DCS 2024, providing valuable improvements to the quality and usability of the application.

Access to the installation is available in the IronCAD Live Update that is installed with the IronCAD DCS 2024. If enabled, you will receive a notification of the new version and will be able to download and install it from this utility. You can manually download the installation by “Check Updates” in the Live Update utility or from the links below following the provided installation notes.

Installation and Download Notes

  • Click the download link to begin your download. Once complete, run the IronCAD2024SP1_DLM.exe or IronCAD2024SP1_Patch_DLM.exe to begin the installation process.
  • The Patch installation can only install on the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2024 and will update all products included with the Design Collaboration Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE).
  • This Service Pack cannot be uninstalled individually from the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. To uninstall, you will need to remove the full IronCAD 2024 version and reinstall the standard 2024. You can uninstall using the Uninstall IronCAD DCS in the Start-Programs-IronCAD 2024 menu.

Download Links

Operating System Download Link
Windows 8/10/11 64-bit Patch Install – IronCAD DCS 2024 SP#1 – 64-bit
Windows 8/10/11 64-bit  Full Installation – IronCAD DCS 2024 SP#1 – 64-bit

What’s New in Service Pack#1

We are thrilled to announce the release of IronCAD 2024 Service Pack 1, now available for our valued customers! This service pack fortifies the quality and reliability of our latest milestone release, IronCAD 2024, ensuring an enhanced user experience for you and your customers.

In addition to bolstering the core functionalities of IronCAD 2024, we are proud to introduce our new Architectural & Viewing Translator (“A&VTransPlus”). This powerful add-on translator expands import/export capabilities specifically tailored for the architectural engineering construction (AEC) fields, now including Revit* and IFC Read/Write functionalities. A&VTransPlus is an additional licensed translator option that is available for IRONCAD and INOVATE only. Note: Customers do not need to have Native Translator prior to adding A&VTransPlus (It can run independently or alongside Native Translator). Revit Write is currently unsupported (see *Note below).

We’ve also included a complimentary feature enhancement: the addition of a GLTF write format to the standard IronCAD product. This means that you can now enjoy enhanced export options without the need for additional translator packages. It’s our way of streamlining customer workflows and boosting efficiency.

Please contact your local reseller for details on pricing of the Architectural & Viewing Translator.

Architectural & Viewing Translator (“A&VTransPlus”) Details

The following are the read/write formats versions for the A&VTransPlus:

  • Revit Read – Version 2015 to 2023.
  • Revit Write – Write is only to Revit 2023. *Note: The current release of Revit Write is unsupported for support until a future release update is announced.
  • IFC Read/Write – IFC2x3, IFC4

For the GLTF Writer added to the standard product, the write version is:

  • GLTF Writer – Version 2.0

Quality Issues Addressed for Service Pack#1

Ticket ID QA ID Description
15117 70957 Load UI configuration doesn’t work
70958 switch part to body properties BOM, the bom name and mass is empty
70963 Feedback: Modify text style, crash
15127 70965 TriBall, Copy Linked Body, Edges are not shown when moving original part
71039 Fastener code modification
78353 ICD – Bad Section in a Broken View
78419 Replace body, pop up IAE.
14099 78613 Broken View select key points
14224 78808 Tools – CustomHole Bug – hole size accuracy issue
14603 79657 Rounding issue in Mass effecting BOM merging
14760 79988 Split BOM shrinks on update
14749 79992 ICD, View, Shaded Rendering of (sub) Assemblies – Shade Specific Part support for Assembly selection
80043 Pattern Assembly: Edge pattern, the reference edge is lost
80105 Add end cap on the steel, switch steel type, undo, the feature is broken.
80157 Invalid modification of punch bend
80271 Draw structural components, but it is wrong
14874 80320 Regression – The Ctrl Left-click behavior is broken in the latest build.
80360 Polish comma input error for Formula Curve.
13589 80371 Midplane should go both directions on edit
80372 Align horizontal twice, dimension disappear
14905 80389 v2024, Pick Template from the 3D Scene doesn’t show the new “Use CAXA” option
80427 Link configuration: Insert part, set treat as part, export 3D BOM, no result
80472 Interference is causing a crash after usage for a while where IronCAD just slows down and disappears
14943 80493 Regression – List to move sheets in ICD takes to long to pop up
80518 Assembly Feature: Break external link, the assembly feature can’t be deleted.
80529 Add chamfer on end cap, switch kernel, the chamfer is in reverse position
80531 2024RC1-Tools/Options/Pars the Scene Browser Name and File Name When Loading Custom Properties shows Cross Break names
14963 80536 Regression – v2024, ICD, Styles and Layers, cannot remove (Delete) an unused Layer
80566 modify chamfer, thread elongation
80570 Drag the part to catalog, the part be changed
80571 Drop as assembly feature, result incorrect
80582 Steel structure section issue
80582 Steel structure section issue
80589 Can’t update this sheet
80608 Dura Trench Frame Solve incorrect on Drop in 2024 compared to 2023. – Regression
14998 80630 Serious Regression from 2022- Text string loses association after saving and reopening
80632 Sheet Metal, error message when setting or changing a parametric Bend Type value
14996 80633 ICD, Projection View, never stops creating views Left, Right, Top, Down
14919 80650 Command Search doesn’t work on Korean Windows
80653 Can’t copy/paste sketch from CAXA to Scene. Regression from 2023
15022 80655 Problem with section view markers in IC2023PU1
80675 ICAPI What’s New documentation unfinished.
80677 Screen doesn’t refresh in ICD
80678 Cannot make these splines into Construction geometry.
15034 80701 Select Settings is not working properly
80721 Add assembly datum on the part, undo & redo, the assembly datum doesn’t show in the scene.
80732 The level of parts dragged from the standard library needs to be consistent with the graphic library
80733 The mirror code is faulty
80744 Structure update fails. Regression from IC2023
80746 replace feature, Constraints appear
80754 Replace feature(Ctrl-Drag),failed
80755 Switch the linked part to body properties bom, the linking part doesn’t change
80756 Export 3D BOM, software is frozen
15055 80757 Auto create item bubbles repeat
14934 80758 Why can’t I use the constraint in the parent file?
15010 80759 2D IGS file Open by double click
15015 80760 Fillet Surface question
80769 The file was not modified, but a prompt was prompted to save the changes
80770 Insert part\assembly setting option issue
80774 IAE when opening this Scene file, can it be repaired?
80776 Replace feature on drop, undo, the assembly file still show in the scene
80782 Can’t open these files since upgrading to 2024, can they be repaired?
80800 Multiple external crashes when assembly features exist
80807 Create New Drawing from Template Crash when using Use CAXA Draft option
80808 regression: apply button is disabled when creating or editing “NULL” standard cosmetic thread
80809 Regression – Ctrl click behavior is not working correctly when selecting a part and then another part below an assembly
80822 Solid to Sheet Metal will not work in Miter conditions unless all the geometry is used
80822 Solid to Sheet Metal will not work in Miter conditions unless all the geometry is used
15116 80823 ATIA V5 Export fails
80869 Cannot update these ICD views in 2024. After that Cut Part list is displaying wrong.
80877 Import file, the position of bend line are wrong
80879 Rapid Quotation, export data to excel, crash
80881 Rapid Quotation, the assembly is suppressed
80885 Regression from 2023 – Scene Browser, Assembly is missing the Status fly-out menu
80889 Rapid Quotation, export data to external table, the excel process cannot be closed automatically
15167 80891 2024 serious BOM regression – BOM losing items on update.
80897 Import .ics file in the standard parts library, crash
80898 New catalog in the standard parts library, crash
15172 80906 [Copy As Linked Body] behavior – part moves
80907 Pattern loss on edit – seems like a regression
80909 Assembly feature suppress and undo, feature still suppressed.
80929 Drag part to switch level, crash
80932 Create end cap on the frame set chamfer failed
14905 80964 CAXA Draft option still exists
15250 80991 Issue with the display of annotations and sketches on drawings in IRONCAD 2024
15254 80992 Cannot open these files created in 2024